Preparations Continue…

This morning, after we had a delicious breakfast of fresh watermelon and cheese, we took a long walk to discover the area around us and buy some supplies for our support group sessions next week. We are so excited to see parents and siblings using these supplies next week, stay tuned!

Although it was very hot this afternoon in Mersin, it rained for around five minutes. After that, the clouds partially blocked the sun’s rays, which made the weather nicer for few hours.

On our trip, we found a nice coffee shop that had comfy chairs and air-conditioning (which we very much needed at this point of our trip). We had some freshly baked Börek (Turkish pastries filled with cheese) and some cappuccino. On our way back, we found a stationary shop and we decided to check it out to continue shopping for the program supplies. After buying what we needed for next week’s sessions, we bought some beautiful adult coloring books for ourselves. Those books had different pictures of the fascinating Istanbul, which we will enjoy coloring in our free time.


After we came back, to continued working on preparing and translating our sessions for our families and teachers. We also brain-stormed some demonstrations that would help get a better understanding of the concepts we will present in our trainings.

– Amal


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